Still Being A Kid While Training

Posted on 19 July 2013

How often do you bring your childhood memories and being spontaneous to act like a kid into your current life as an endurance athlete?

Recently, I experienced one of these moments during a trail run.  I was running a single-track trail during a hot and humid day and came upon a group of boy scouts playing a game of capture the flag.   However, one difference was they each had the powerful water guns to spray does the opposing team.   They had built extravagant hiding places throughout the woods and the parents were supervising by sitting throughout the area.

As I approached I yelled out to squirt me down (it was 95 degrees and 70 percent humidity) with their soaker guns.   Well I stirred up a nest of anxious boys ready to seize me and it was incredible.   I started running faster while the adrenaline kicked as I was getting soaked (which felt great) and the next thing I know is that one of the boys gave me a water gun to look for enemy with them.   I was a kid again and it became a fast twitch interval workout with my heart rate rising through the roof.   This surprised interval session lasted for about 20 minutes until I was needed to regroup and get back to finishing my run and heading home (I thought my legs were going to fall off let alone my heart rate was beating at it’s maximum output).    It was a great experience remembering the times of youth, being wild plus an impromptu speed session!

The next time you see some kids biking or running through your local park ask to join them and you might relive some of those great years being a kid.   To me there was nothing like the freedom of those early years growing up during the summer (on school vacation).   Also, you might find some of that lost speed again in those legs running and riding with the young future stars of our endurance sports world!!!

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