Off-Season Training Challenge Ultra Distance Athletes Beginning November 15th – March 1st 2014

Posted on 05 November 2013

Well it’s that time of the year again, off-season training for the months leading into the 2014 race calendar. I will be fun to have a points challenge  during the off-season and will better connect us all who share the similar passions of long distance endurance sports. Building a strong base in your specific sport is imperative to beginning the racing season strong and not trying to play “catch-up” with training as the intensity of the sessions will continue to increase as you near your key races. Let’s add some fun to the off-season by participating in the Challenge. The goal is to to add some accountability by posting your weekly sessions dependent upon your specific sports category, triathlete, runner, cyclist or a combination. The workout intensities and specific target goals of each workout are up to you based on your particular situation.
The overall winners in each category will receive my 3 books:  1.  Beyond the Iron – A Training Guide to Ultra-Distance Triathlons  2.  Never Say “I Wish I Had” – 30 Days to Becoming Your Own Chief Goals Officer  3.  Stronger Than Iron – coming in the Spring and the co-Authored book with Stefan Zetterstrom about the athletes who raced and completed the first ever held Triple DECA Ironman race, Sept. 2013 in Lake Garda, Italy.
It will be fun and the time we all put in now will pay big dividends come next spring.      Please forward to your ultra distance endurance friends.    The Challenge Begins November 15th!
If your are interested in joining the challenge please email me at and will send you information related to the Google Doc’s.

Off-Season Training Challenge

Ultra Distance Athletes

Beginning November 15th – March 1st 2014


Indoor Sessions for those in Winter Climates. (Every hour a 5-minutebreak is allowed, the key is to remain glued to the saddle):

Session Length Targets Points  
2.5 Hour Ride 2 Points
3.5 Hour Ride 3.5 Points
5 Hour Ride 5 Points
6 Hour Ride 6 Points
Each additional Hour over 6 3 Points




Dreadmill running will only qualify if the workout includes. 2.0% minimum incline and minimum run time of 1 Hour

Weekly Total Hour Targets

8 Hours 2 Points
10 Hours 3 Points
Each additional hour over 10 Hours 3 Points




Weekly Total Distance Targets

8,000 Meters 2 Points
10,000 Meters 2.5 Points
Each 1,000 meters over 10,000 meters 2 Points




Only qualify for points if at least 3 sessions of any of the following are done per week.  Mix and matching is fine, but must do a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

Yoga 1 Point
Weights  – 45 minutes minimum 2 Points
Abs 1 Point
Body Weight exercises (pull-ups, pushups, etc.) 1 Point



Categories: for entry – Select a specific category(s) and all recorded workouts need to be submitted within 5 days at the end of the month.   Spreadsheet will be updated and then posted on Google Doc’s.


  1. Ultra Cyclist
  2. Ultra Runner
  3. Ultra Triathlete


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    Training for ironman melbourne end march. Then choose a ultra ride!! Lets go

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    I interest this program, exemplar me is Ferenc Szőnyi. What must to do for me? :-)
    The result must send for you?

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