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DECA Ultra Tri 2014 Race Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

Posted on 27 December 2013

The recent announcement by our great veteran ultra tri friend, Beto Villa of his new race coming in 2014 will offer ultra triathletes the opportunity to race a new DECA Iron event.    The format will be 1 Iron per day for 10 days. He has also included shorter distance races outlined on the website, (1X2 Iron, 1X3 Iron, 1X5 Iron) so the athletes can select their most appropriate race based on experience and how much they want to push themselves!


Personally, I know this race venue well from competing in one of Beto’s events a few years ago.   It offers a great race venue: including an open water swim (which will be a first for the DECA as all the previous were held in swimming pools), a longer bike loop then normal which allows the athletes to open it up a bit without too many turns and a flat run.    The setting is spectacular in the park with views of the surrounding city in the mountains, watching the leather producers working throughout the day, activities and excitement throughout the park with the friendly smiles of the local Mexican community.   I spent some time discussing a few of the key highlights of the race with Beto:

1. Beto can you tell me how many years you have been racing and some highlights of you racing and race directing career?

In 1988 I did my first triathlon, in 1997 I did my first Ironman and now have finished over 30. In 2005 I finished the Quintuple Iron, Deca Iron Triathlon1x10 in 2006, Deca Iron continuous in 2008 and several other ultra distance events globally.

As event organizer I started in 1996 and I have organized short triathlons, Iron distance, Double Iron, Ultratriman, and many ultramarathons.

2. Can you provide me with a brief description of the venue – length of the bike loop, length of the run course, swim

SWIMMING: 950-meter loop. 4 laps into the lake of Parque Metropolitano de León, 20° C.

BIKE: Cycling paved 7.2 km circuit at Parque Metropolitano de León.
Closed to traffic, completely illuminated, 97% flat, 3% slight short hill. Loop course around the lake.

RUN: Running paved 4.2 km circuit at Parque Metropolitano de León. Closed to traffic, completely illuminated, 100% flat.

3. What are the average temperatures during October in Leon?

Weather in Leon, Mexico in October and November, includes figures for temperature, sunshine and rainfall.

4. What types of foods will be offered to the athletes?

Spaghetti, rice, baked potatoes, meat with tomato sauce, bread, eggs, pancakes, pastries, sandwiches, tacos, sausage, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fish, meat, salad, vegetables, cookies, marmalade, cereal, salt, sugar, butter, honey, banana, oranges, electrolytes, Coca Cola, purified water, mineral water, tea, milk, chocolate milk, etc.

5. Is there an airport close to the venue?

León, Gto. has an international airport and you can connect your flight and arrive at León Bajío Airport (BJX) from any country in the world.

6. Are there hotels close to the start; is camping with a tent an option in the park?

We have a hotel and shopping center just 1 km away from the park and special rates.

PARQUE METROPOLITANO DE LEÓN: We offer accommodations in front of the circuit, and if interested you can bring a tent, air mattress and a sleeping bag, installed inside Parque Metropolitano.

To see Parque Metropolitano de León ( and Hotel Mexico Plaza ( please go to this Google maps link.

7. Will you have a “restaurant” available for the athletes to have food continuously?

Of course, we are also asking each athlete we send along with their entry forma menu of what they prefer to eat before, during and after the race to be included in our menu as possible.

8. Are there grocery stores close by?

Yes,we have a commercial center with restaurant sand everything you need in the same location of the hotel.

In addition,we will make a day trip to the mall so the athletes can buy what they need.

9. Will you host a grand Mexico feast and awards ceremony for the athletes?

Of course, we have a welcome ceremony for athletes and an awards ceremony at the end of the event with a buffet meal.

Can’t wait to this event in 2014 and spend time with Beto, his family and the great ultra triathlete’s around the world.

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