NCAA College Football Bowl Season, Cycling Training Fun

Posted on 09 December 2013

Our good friend William Pruett, a great idea to combine your indoor cycling training while watching football games during the bowl season.    It’s a nice challenge if you’re a football fan and enjoy grinding miles and miles on the trainer during the off-season.


There are currently 35 NCAA football games and the goal is to see how many you ride on your trainer while watching the games.   Check out the schedule of games at   As you will notice there are some days with multiple games so that will add some challenge with multiple rides at different times.


Ride during the first half, and for every field goal or extra point through the uprights you will add a 1-minute sprint out of the saddle at maximum effort.   If it’s a high scoring game you will be pushing through multiple sprints.    Get off the bike at half time to resupply water, food, etc. and add an abdominal strength routine.  After halftime spin away the miles till the game ends.


First bowls start Dec. 21st and end January 6th, come along for the ride and see how many you can do!   Have fun and burn away the holiday calories during NCAA Football Bowl games.

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