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Training Goals for 2014

Posted on 31 December 2013

As we all look toward 2014 with expectations of great race performances, new “stretch goal” events and challenges, consider targeting some specific training goals. Because many athletes face time restraints of job, family and financials, consider adding some of the following ideas to your 2014 training.

1. A destination bike ride or run. There are many “Rails to Trails” that offer miles and miles of running or biking opportunities without traffic. Consider adding one to you list and carry just the essentials and either camp or stop over at a local motel along the route. Check out this website for trail options around the country,

2. Build a Workout Tracker spreadsheet. There are many options, free downloads on your phone or just build a spreadsheet to track the duration, miles/kilometers for the entire year. Start with a goal of how many hours or distance you want to achieve in each sport discipline. For example, consider a monthly and yearly target and build a simple pie or bar chart to see what percentage of time you are spending in each specific sport vs. your goal.

3. Streak Training – This is common for many runners and cyclists to focus on some goals of consistency. For example, add to your training a target time period of 30 days consecutively of your specific sport discipline. You can also add in many of the various pushup or strength programs and monitor your progress. How about 100 Squats a day program or 100 pushups, pull-ups, etc.

4. Nutrition Goal – Of course many diet programs will come and go just like the normal New Years resolution and standard gym craze for January. Consider a program for not only weight loss and strength gains but also a revamping of your normal diet. Consider adding it to your workout tracker with daily diary. What’s the best way to get in incredible physical condition – Focus on a diet without excess sugars, alcohol and workout every day mixing up the routines? In 30 days you will see results just like the Tour de France riders who become incredibly fit later into the race.

Be consistent in your training in 2014 while adding in plenty of fun and most important new workouts and you will have an epic year of memories guaranteed!

Happy New Year!!

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