Your Training Idea Vault

Posted on 19 December 2013


How many times during a workout or post race evaluation do you think of a new idea to incorporate into future events, business, life, etc?

Ideas come and go very quickly and the key is to capture them in one place.  Consider capturing ideas, race strategies, business opportunities and storing them in any of the following formats:

1.  Post race idea, add a brief note on your Phone memo program or email yourself.
2.  Store the ideas in a file folder in your email or in your training log.
3.  Store the ideas in a working document, these may come from articles you have read (store as a PDF as article links sometimes expire).
4. Physical file folders, although not “green” many times having a file cabinet with the idea journal can be useful but only if it’s opened regularly.
5. Consider using an idea journal and keeping with you at all times.  Write all the ideas in the journal.
6. Use Audio Note or voice recording software on your phone for your ideas.
7. Make sure your system is indexed so you can easily retrieve the ideas.  For example indexing considerations:  Race ideas for faster transitions in Tri’s,  Pre and post race warm-up and warm down/recovery idea, business, etc.
8. Subscribe to 2 blogs that you find informative idea related content.
Of course subscribe to – Endurance Racing Report!

Keep those ideas in a place that you can easily use in the future for overall improvement to your racing, business, career and family.

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