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Bicycling Bliss

Posted on 27 January 2014

Do you remember your first bike ride and  “real” bike without training wheels when you were a child? Think back to the memories of riding to a local market, neighbor’s house, local park or with a friend.  We all remember the first crash and launching over the handlebars or landing a bit short of a home made ramp jump.   For many it was the Huffy or a Schwinn bike that was our favorite mode of transportation.

We had no helmets and no fear of jumping, pulling a wheelie, and of course the famous long tail skids.  We were anxious to see how long our black  “S” tread marks remained on the pavement after skidding aimlessly.  It was a time when we rode for the pure joy, excitement and exploration.

Bring the fun back to your cycling by taking a ride to the store for some groceries or drop off mail at the post office, do a wheelie!  Consider commuting to work a few times during the week.   Just ride without tracking all your miles and no Lycra and high tech fabrics allowed for these rides! Ride in a city and experience all the sights and sounds and ride when it’s raining.    Just like when we were kids, riding with no specific training plan for the day.   Pleasure riding will keep you fresh and that sense of breathing new life into those over trained legs.   Yes we all push hard and fight through the peaks, valleys and plateaus of riding and racing.   Consider taking your mountain bike out and do some jumps (of course safely, no need for broken collar bones).    How about riding in the cold and snowy weather just to burn the lungs a bit and get outside. No matter how miserable the weather is, it will always be better than slugging out miles on the indoor trainer.    Dress withseveral clothing layers and head out for just a 10-mile ride and feel the rush of cold air.  Consider riding on a trail or frozen golf course without your IPhone and headphones and just listen to the silence of winter.

Add some excitement to your riding and you will feel like you are 12 years old again.   No time like the present, so next week pick one day and do a completely different bike ride (outside) and remember the cycling bliss of why we love to ride.

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