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Get Fast A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride – Book Review

Posted on 09 January 2014

Recently, I picked up Get Fast while skimming through the local Barnes and Noble cycling section of the store. The words “Get Fast” jumped out and thought there might be some unique ideas worth incorporating into my cycling goals for 2014.

Selene Yeager is the author (Rodale publisher, 2013) The book’s goal is to provide various ideas through techniques, nutrition, strength and pylo workouts along with summarized “specific cycling racing” training plans (cyclocross, hill climbing races, etc.) to generate faster cycling sessions for the athlete.

The beginning of the book starts out a bit slow then the ideas start popping in each of the 20 short chapters (it is a quick read). She offers plenty of easy to learn techniques related to braking into big turns while descending at high speeds. I highly recommend learning a few of these to become a more efficient and fast descender. Also, she highlights several pedaling ideas to push through the “flat” spot of the pedal stroke along with the consideration of moving the cycling cleat back further to the arch for additional power vs. the normal wisdom of having it in the middle of the foot (Joe Friel of the Training Bible apparently has recommended this as well and is a proponent of moving the cleat back). This is something at least worth trying to evaluate the potential benefits. These ideas are a small sampling of many included throughout the 239 content pages.

The pylo and strength exercises with pictures are helpful and all are body weight focused which are helpful for individuals that travel for business. The nutrition section is relatively basic to ensure proper calories for solid performances on the bike. The section on the mind offers ideas from various riders on learning/practicing how to suffer on the bike and embrace pain. Also, if your looking for concise base line training plans to get fast on the bike there are plenty to pick from in the appendix.

Overall the book covers a lot of areas but all focused on the one goal of speed on the bike and if that’s your target then it’s well worth the investment of time reading “Get Fast”.

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