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Posted on 13 January 2014

How many times have you traveled to an out of town race venue in a remote location and after unpacking realized you forgot several items and then scramble for find a store while adding additional stress prior to race day?   Consider using a race checklist especially if you’re traveling to a race.   Below are some specific items to consider adding to your checklist.


  1. Wetsuit(s) – short and long sleeve
  2. 2 pairs of googles
  3. Swim Cap – Neoprene (in the event the water is very cold)
  4. 2-3 pairs of biking shorts (cycling bibs for long races)
  5. 2 cycling shirts
  6. 2 -5 pairs running shorts
  7. 2-5 short sleeve race shirts
  8. 1 tank top racing shirt for run
  9. 2 long sleeve wicking shirts
  10. 4 pairs of running/biking socks
  11. Running hat
  12. Bag Balm – or other crème to use on feet or very chafed area’s
  13. Anti Chafing lubricant/crèmes
  14. Cooking spray (for your ankles when putting on the wetsuit – makes it easy to slide off)
  15. Duct Tape
  16. Band Aids – Blister kit
  17. Sun Screen
  18. Dragon Balm or other Balm for very sore muscles
  19. Arm/Leg warmers
  20. Winter coat, gloves, booties for bike
  21. Lightweight Rain Jacket
  22. 2-3 pairs of running shoes (Each a ½ size larger for swollen feet)
  23. 2 pair of cycling shoes (if you break a cleat on the shoes, always have a replacement)
  24. Race bike/wheels
  25. 1 bike helmet (aero vs. standard)
  26. 3 bike water bottles
  27. 3 sets of headlamps for bike and transition area (Batteries)
  28. 1 set of flasher lights for bike
  29. Specific Energy Drink – food
  30. Favorite Gels (multiple flavors)
  31. Spoons, knife, fork
  32. Gel Flasks
  33. Running race belt/flask holder
  34. 2 water bottle holders for run
  35. Electrolyte drink if you don’t know or like what the race offers
  36. Energy Bars
  37. Electrolyte capsules
  38. Recovery drink powder (Protein)
  39. Sunglasses (extra pair)
  40. Extra seat bracket for bike (in the event you break the seat bracket screw by over tightening – yes this has happened to me!)
  41. Allen wrenches, pedal wrench and tool bag for bike mechanical issues
  42. First Aid Kit including Ibuprofen
  43. 3 pre-stretched tubular bike tires or multiple tubes if your using clinchers
  44. Bike oil
  45. Backpack
  46. 3 Garbage Bags
  47. Various assortment of sandwich and plastic bags
  48. REI 1 minute Coffee Maker
  49. Propane Stove
  50. Rope to hang clothes/ Pliers
  51. Country Flag
  52. Tent/Sleeping Bag
  53. Chairs if not supplied by the race
  54. Utility knife
  55. Sunglasses
  56. GPS – Race watch
  57. Benadryl – Bee stings
  58. Drop Bags
  59. Grocery Store shopping list – if you are going to buy food at the race site
  60. Plug Converters (foreign countries)
  61. Shipping supplies to foreign location (check with customs and leave plenty of time)
  62. Advise your bank – credit cards of your foreign travel
  63. Make a copy of your passport and credit cards (keep in separate location)
  64. Journal to record race highlights after event
  65. Small packable blanket


Of course there are items that can be added to this checklist and many may not be relative to your specific racing.    Consider using a checklist to eliminate stress when you plan for your next ultimate adventure race.

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