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Tabata Workouts

Posted on 26 February 2014

Tabata workouts are a great way to mix up your interval workouts. The high intensity workouts became very popular in the 1970′s specifically with weight lifting. Professor Tabata originally did the famous study with Olympic speed-skaters in 1996. The results of the study showed an increase of VO2 max from performing these high intensity workouts 4 times a week and 1 aerobic workout compared to athletes that only did lower heart rate training 5 days a week. The lower heart rate group had a higher VO2 max at the end and the Tabata group gained more overall (they started at lower VO2 max levels). There have been many studies and an additional benefit of regular Tabata workouts was increased anaerobic capacity.

These high intensity and sprint training workouts evolved into other various forms of exercise. Cycling, running, cross fit, body weight exercises can all incorporate Tabata.

Tabata sessions can vary in length, many times from 4 minutes (minimum) up to 45 minutes.

As athletes age, the common practice is to just add more time or miles and less intensity. To race to top levels consider adding consistent speed sessions – Tabata, into the training plan.

Basic Tabata formula is 20X10X8

After warm up:

  • 20 Seconds all out
  • 10 Seconds rest
  • 8 times (repeat the interval)

Here is a favorite session for business travellers and will help to eliminate jet lag:

Have fun and monitor the results and improvements over time with your weekly Tabata sessions.

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