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Posted on 23 March 2014

We all train and race for so many different reasons in our now mature sport of triathlons. I think most would agree that the greatest memories of a triathlon event beyond personal performance would be the great friends and new acquaintances that last well beyond the race.

Yes we might remember the negative split run, spectacular course, bad or good race, podium place, Ironman qualification, etc. but at the end of the day those dwarf the personal relationships from new competitor friends, race management and volunteers. It’s always about the people.

In 28 years of racing it still is amazing to meet old, young, newbie, Tri-geeks, veterans, champions in the sport I am so passionate about and learn something new or unique. As evident with my trip to Huntington Beach, CA to speak and meet the Tribe Long Beach Tri club, @TribeLongBeach. The excitement levels of the first time Ironman athletes competing in the Cabo Ironman next weekend was through the roof. Of course then the focus for the group post-race was to enjoy some fun in Cabo and stay a few days vs. the often norm (because of busy schedules), to fly back home immediately. It was refreshing to hear that it would be a combination of race and then recovery quick vacation.

Of course the training conditions in Long Beach/Huntington Beach offer year round training and are superb.  With such a great environment for training, I would have a hard time not to be overtrained all the time in Long Beach. Races are a constant with plenty of variety and the beach running races are everywhere and are “low key”. On the beach there are small atmosphere races going on many weekends. If you’re traveling to these beautiful areas of California you should just sign up for a race on race day, as they local races don’t fill up with waiting lists.  Yes, old school racing for sure. Of course, the famous Surf City Marathon (February), is a destination race if you fancy the large scale marathon scene.

The Tribe Long Beach Idea: Mustard

The one unique idea that I acquired during the meeting with these passionate Tribe Long Beach athletes is eating mustard during a race (packets). Of course there is pickle juice and other sodium food products vs. gu’s that many athletes swear by, but I have not heard of mustard! I love mustard and can’t wait to test it.

Can’t wait to see the Tribe again in Long Beach and will be passing on good vibes through the computer for the athletes competing in Cabo. Thanks for the speaking invitation Tribe Long Beach, friends for life!

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