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Running the Las Vegas Strip

Posted on 13 May 2014

One of the conference meccas of the US is Las Vegas. Many of you may have attended conferences or various trips through Vegas and become trapped on the strip. Assuming no rental car and days and days of meetings, running options are limited. Of course there is always the option of the multi-hour but worthwhile drive to Death Valley National Park for some running on the famous Badwater 135 course.

Unless you have time to go to the Red Rocks Canyon with a rental car, most runner’s daily ritual prior to longs days and nights of conference meetings is to run along the strip back and forth in the morning. Actually, the running is not bad in respect to surface conditions, lack of people early in the morning (unlike other cities that have a large morning rush hour of cars and people walking the sidewalks). Of course the crazy long nights for so many with specific

Agenda’sensure they can say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. For runners, we always have to get in the daily run. It does not matter if you’re staying at Caesars, Venetian, Bellagio, etc., for the best sites just run right down the sidewalks on the strip.

Vegas will offer plenty of interesting sites at 6AM.

Top 10 Vegas Running Highlights

  1. Running for a distance then the sidewalk is closed for construction so you have to go through a casino to continue on.
  2. With very few crosswalks, you will be running up and down steps to go over the manmade bridges.
  3. Seeing runners take the escalator vs. steps when crossing the streets via the bridges
  4. Expect a few individuals to solicit you for everything imaginable at sunrise for your run.
  5. People in the water fountains bobbing for pennies and change.
  6. The street cleaners will be everywhere cleaning of the prior evenings mess.
  7. If you run later than 8AM expect weaving and dodging of people walking incredibly slow.
  8. Plenty of good camera shots of the strip at sunrise as the sun reflects against the mirrored buildings and the desert in the background.
  9. No reason to carry an ipod/headphones – there is plenty of music and too many sounds not to be missed.
  10. Keep you eyes open, as the cabs, limos and drivers are not interested in your passion for a morning run.



Overall, Vegas Strip running offers some uniqueness, but most important is the nice weather and always better than the Dreadmill in the hotel.

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