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Top 7 Tips on Getting Sponsors for your Racing Passion

Posted on 25 July 2014

Would it not be nice to have an established process in place to get sponsors to help support your racing passion? I hear these questions so often.

tips on getting sponsors

The most important thing to consider when beginning the process to secure sponsors is to develop a comprehensive plan with a timeline. As athlete’s it’s imperative to think on the other side of the relationship. What will you offer to the sponsor?  So many athletes just assume that they can call, send an email with their bio attached and get sponsors. The results are normally poor and they give up and complain they can’t get sponsors.

The athlete must consider the following 7 tips to effectively develop a plan to attain a comprehensive list of sponsors:

1.  A comprehensive but summarized racing and career background (this is your media kit). Not just a simple word document. This is your PR sponsorship summary, includes video, pictures and words of your story.

2.  Value Proposition – Clearly stated what value will provide to the sponsor, including your locations of racing, how you will become a champion of their product to all your tribe of passionate athlete followers. It’s more than a testimonial letter and video (a good start) but you must clearly define what you will do for them in a concise plan.

3.  Your Brand – Do you have a brand, what comes up when you type your name in Google.  If not start today to develop your brand. It’s not bragging or ego it’s about connecting with your community and what role you have in giving back to your community.

4.  Elevator speech – Short and to the point, this is your sales pitch for phone calls and face-to-face meetings.   Write it out, practice it (2 minutes maximum) and must include your value proposition. Video yourself and this tool can be used along with your PR sponsorship summary.

5.  Develop a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and project management system to track everything and to ensure accountability.

6.  Develop a comprehensive list of target sponsors by industry. These should not just be a list of endurance sports related companies only. Move into other industries.

7.  Outsource the sponsorship arena to an outside consultant – I help many athletes!

Sponsorship partners can be instrumental in saving money on products, entry fees, travel, etc. However, if you don’t have a comprehensive plan with persistence and determination then expect very little response other than some free energy supplements in the mail. Start your plan today to get sponsors to cover your entry fees to expensive races, crew funding, products, flights, etc.


If you need assistance please feel free to email me as we have consulted and executed plans for athletes in all the multi sport disciplines,

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