Go Against the Norm In Your Training

Posted on 04 November 2014

Square Peg in a Round HoleIt seems every day, week and year there is a new guaranteed success training program for your fastest marathon, Ironman training program, ulramarathon, etc. Books come out continuously with the newest technology tools and programs with tag lines such as “Finish your Ironman on training of only 7 hours a week”.

Evaluate all the various programs and tools and be your own judge as there is not a “best” training program for everyone.   I have seen athletes from the Cross Fit world finish 100 mile running races on no more than 10 miles as their long run.  This might be the exception as there are so many factors with regards to mental strength and overall fitness levels but the all the old rules should be reviewed and customized.

Another interesting one is the training regime for athletes competing in RAAM (Race Across America bike race).   The old school mentality is that you have to bike 10,000 miles leading up to the race.   Sure, getting on the bike is imperative with long rides but a balance and even against the norm has worked for many athletes not set in doing it the same way.

As you evaluate this past season racing consider writing out what went right and what went wrong and most important what will you change in the upcoming year. Common themes I always here include:

  1. I need to get faster.
  2. Maybe I raced too much and never targeted a few key events.
  3. Work, family, travel stress impacted my year.
  4. My training program is not fitting my goals.
  5. Should I consider more long slow workouts or completely switch to this new world of HIT, (High intensity training).
  6. I need to improve on my weaknesses.
  7. I wish I had more time to train
  8. I must get stronger in the offseason, what programs are best for my specific sport.
  9. I need a new challenge for the upcoming year.

Now is the time to start writing down your goals for the upcoming season and evaluating what tweaks you will add or eliminate from your schedule.    If you need assistance with your goals and a guaranteed way to ensure you’re accountable check out the tools on www.chiefgoalsofficer.com

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