10 Books to Consider For Your Endurance Athlete’s Christmas List

Posted on 09 December 2014

How much do you read per year (deep dive reading mentality) in your specific sport disciplines?   As the famous Outliers book quoted years ago the “10,000 hours rule” to become an expert in the specific area – reading and learning are part of the “experience” process.

Working with so many athletes year after year and hearing from some that they are failing to meet their goals, it’s time to consider some changes in 2015 and maybe learn something new.   After evaluating why an athlete did not compete as well as expected, in many cases it comes down to the same thing – Not putting in the required “race specific “training time.

For example, one question I receive all the time is sleep deprivation training. If you are a new ultra distance athlete that has never competed in an event for 24 hours straight and use a coach who trains most of their athletes in shorter ultra distances (Ironman and Ultraman, marathons, 50 mile running races, etc.), who has never actually done a race of thespecific length of your target race, then ask them what are they going to suggest you do in your training to simulate race conditions. For example, doing an Ironman, Ultraman stage race, multi day running race per day with sleep will not fully prepare you for the sleep deprivation requirements of a race lasting 24-60 hours with a Double/Triple Ironman, 100/200 mile running race, 48 hour bike event, etc.   It’s a completely different event and make sure you know the training must incorporate sleep deprivation to race at your highest level.  I speak to this extensively in Beyond The Iron and the workouts might seem crazy, but there is a methodology behind them – 10,000 hours!

book christmas tree

Learn some new things for 2015 and pick up a book and not just skim it, implement one or two ideas and see what happens.  You have nothing to lose:

  1. Beyond Training:  Mastering Endurance and Health
  2. 80/20 Running
  3. Get Fast! A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever Your Ride
  4. The Well-Built Triathlete:  Turning Potential into Performance
  5. How To Climb Hills
  6. Racing Weight Cookbook
  7. Stronger Than Iron (of course we must have this one on the list!)
  8. The Running Revolution
  9. The 50 Best Tips Ever For Triathlon
  10.  The Champions Mind

Voracious reading + implementation of ideas in training = Success! Need specific “out of the box” training assistance for 2015 race season email me at wayne@chiefgoalsofficer.com.

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