Deca Ironman Training Guide

Posted on 27 May 2015

In preparation for future DECA Iron events – (1 Iron per day or continuous formats) I have been working on a resource of “all things” DECA.   For many ultra triathletes this is a major step up in terms of moving from the already difficult Double and Triple Iron’s.   Nothing against the difficulty of the Ultraman events, but there is no comparison taking into account the sleep deprivation and mental fortitude requirements of doing the same course day after day.


The DECA Iron guide will highlight not only the training requirements and necessary tips/ideas but most important the book will scare you.   This race and the magnitude of the difficulty must not be taken lightly.   The DECA is an event that will punish the body and mind.   There is no question; you will encounter significant feet, but, shoulder, knee and back pain.   Of course there is the common DECA shin issue so many athletes face and it will be covered in the book – specific treatments to help alleviate the pain.   Every athlete must dig very deep to finish the event with plenty of suffering to become an official finisher.   The average official finisher rate from 1992-2008 for the continuous DECA was 75% (there is plenty of time to finish the race – 335 hours) but the 1 per day version average finisher rate from 2006-2009 was only 48%.

Are there health benefits from the DECA – in one word NO!   Yes, it’s exercising and racing day after day, but the boredom of doing the same short circuit course will exasperate injuries, and mentally it can become crushing.  Your body will take a pounding in this event.

Can you train for the event and keep a “life”?   Absolutely Yes!   Like anything else, it depends on your time management skills and the book will offer ideas to manage time. Most experienced DECA athletes train in the 15-20 hour per week average range.  So it’s probably not what you thought in terms of hours per week and the training guide will follow this same approach.

I have raced over 1000 hours in DECA Iron events and the Triple DECA, there is no exact science by any means of finishing – but the DECA training guide similar to Beyond The Iron will provide an overview of every idea I have learned from so many amazing athletes around the world.  The goal is to have the e-book out by the end of 2015.  If you are interested in being on the mailing list, please email me at

Not finishing is not an option!


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