Are you ready for a Big Year end Race? – Top 10 Key Reminders

Posted on 22 September 2015

For many athletes, the end of the racing season occurs the months of Sept – November. All the months of training finally come to a conclusion with the final race of the year.


A few keys to remember during the last few weeks of tapering before you big event:

  1. No matter what, you will not gain much in terms of overall fitness over the last few weeks. Do no attempt anything crazy like a final PB on your normal training loop.
  2. It’s always better to be slightly undertrained vs. over-trained going into your event.
  3. Clearly review you race day plan and have a Contingency Plan for the issues that can occur over a long event.
  4. If possible try to keep the work stress somewhat limited race week.   However, as we all know so well it always seems like everything goes crazy with work the week before the big race or traveling out of town. Try to remain as relaxed as possible.
  5. Review you race gear checklist and depending on driving vs. flying one item that is often overlooked is enough warm clothing. With highly unpredictable weather, even if it’s in a normally warm location, be prepared for cold front and rain. The challenge of trying to keep the body warm in a long event becomes difficult as so much energy is being drained. If you have the warm weather gear sitting in your drawer and have room to pack it – TAKE IT always!
  6. RULES #1 – Never try anything new during the taper week.
  7. Limit alcohol to some degree – plenty of time to celebrate post race.
  8. Eat “light” leading up to the race.
  9. Mentally rehearse the race 2-3 times per week during the final weeks leading up to the race.
  10. Keep the nervousness down by actively moving the last week.

Enjoy the year-end race and wishing you all Personal Best Performances!

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