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Bacon and Ultra Endurance Racing– Top 10 Recipes

Posted on 28 September 2015

Over the years of racing and training in long distance events there are certain foods that we all list as our staples for very long endurance events.   Looking for a food (not gels, energy liquid drinks but real food) that packs a lot of calories in a small package then consider the power of bacon.   For most, it’s relatively easy to digest – of course test for yourself.

The taste, salt, fat, non-spoiling, and calorie content of bacon work well in long events.    Cook some strips of bacon and keep in a small Ziploc bag and it can be very helpful when experiencing a “down” in a race.  The variety of the taste will counterbalance the sweetness of so many of the drinks and foods at an ultra aid station.


There are many menu choices to consider when consuming bacon to add variety.   These are my favorites in a long event.

  1.  Plain bacon strips from a sandwich bag
  2.  Toasted Cheese and Bacon on white bread
  3.  Bacon and avocado sandwiches
  4.  Bacon and Nutella (mix of salt and sweet)
  5.  Bacon and Peanut butter sandwich
  6.  Bacon and mustard sandwich
  7.  Bacon on top of pizza
  8.  Bacon, apple and peanut butter sandwich
  9.  Bacon, hummus, mustard sandwich
  10. For breakfast with coffee in a multi day event – Bacon wrapped inside a pancake with syrup.

Give bacon a try during you long hot training days and see if it agrees with you digestive system. There are plenty of varieties to select today, gluten free, organic, turkey, etc. The options with other food choices work well if you like the combinations of salt and sweet.

Good luck and send me your favorite recipes with the magic of bacon,


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