It’s DECA Iron Triathlon Time

Posted on 15 October 2015

October brings the end to the ultra triathlon season with the final event of the year, the DECA Iron. This year’s event will be held in Leon, MX  beginning Oct. 19th – Oct. 28th, (2nd year being held in Leon) – DECAUltraTri. For those of you interested in following the updates, please check out and Todo Triathlon on Facebook.

Personally, this is my favorite event as many of you know. The main reason is the overall difficulty/challenge of the event. Of course seeing all the old friends and spending 10 days of suffering is hard to beat as well! If you want to do a race that will scare you, then the DECA is one to include on your list. There is a reason why it’s included every time in a listing of the “toughest endurance events in the world”.


This year will be my 4th DECA and will be completing my 100th Ironman with the finish of Day 1, so a special year to say the least.    Reflecting back on all the events in Italy and Mexico including the Triple DECA, there is a magical “pull” of this race to keep coming back. It’s probably the same for you and your signature race – many Badwater multiple finishers mention this to me all the time.

Our great friend/ultra distance athlete, Beto Villa will be directing the event again this year and we all can’t thank him enough for the tireless work it takes to host an event over this many days. If you ever get a chance to compete, crew or visit a DECA you will fully understand the magnitude of the event and the amazing team of people that help make it happen.

I am working on the DECA book and expect to have completed next year. The goal of the book is to educate athletes with every idea I have learned from other athletes and racing this special event. The main focus is to have a resource for athletes to reference and to effectively train with a plan to finish this event. Over the years of racing the DECA, many fail to finish (60-70% finish rates). So many things can happen in 10 days of racing and the key is to provide ideas and tools to keep athletes in the race. I have witnessed many athletes that have not finished the race for a host of reasons over the years.  Injuries happen and that’s challenge for sure but for most it usually comes down to how bad they want it to finish and mentally staying in the game. It’s so easy to stop mentally because of the multiple loop formats and crossing the finish line time and again.

Wishing everyone in Mexico competing in all the ultra events, Single, Double, Quintuple and DECA Iron’s the very best races!   If you need any advice or coaching for a future DECA on your calendar, please let me know,

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