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The $32 Running Shoe

Posted on 21 November 2015

Children always amaze me with the most intriguing questions.  Recently, I was speaking to a group of 600 6th-8thgraders about setting goals and like all presentations, the most valuable time of the talk is during Q&A.   There were many great questions including, what brand of running shoes do I use.

I mentioned a few brands that I regularly use, Hoka, Newton, Adidas and it triggered some thoughts with regards to cost vs. benefits of the shoes.    We all have our own preferences of shoes based on the race distance, training, trails, fit, comfort, running style, price, etc.    Running shoe trends continue to go back and forth, and as we all know, this industry is based on marketing and branding.    Gel, Air, minimalist, extra cushioning, we have seen it everything imaginable over the last 40 years.   When the perfect shoe comes along for individual preference, what happens?  The running shoe companies change the style, model and sizing many times is not the same! This is my biggest gripe with Hoka.  How much did you spend on running shoes this year!


Recently, when competing in the DECA Ironman in Mexico, a competitor and good friend from Switzerland had some interesting running shoes that looked very cool and clearly different.  They had no brand name but bright colors and appeared to be lightweight.   After some conversation, I found out the running shoes were from Aldi – the very large grocery store chain based in Europe and now throughout the US.     The most interesting thing was the price, approximately $32!   Keep in mind; he was doing a Quintuple Ironman (1 Ironman a day for 5 days) and 5 marathons in a row.  He mentioned how great the shoes are and best part was the incredibly low price.

The challenge is to get these in the U.S. to test them out.    If you have a wide foot -, high arch, the Aldi shoes might fit well.  All of the reviews mention that they run a bit large – no ½ sizes.

If you have used the Aldi running shoes, please email me and where to purchase them in the US.

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