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2016 – Fearless Exploration and Accountability Goals

Posted on 30 December 2015

We all know it’s that time of the year as everyone is talking about 2016 and new goals, challenges, etc.    Consider spending some time over the next few days to examine what went according to plan and what did not.   

Looking back at the year, examine these 5 points (or your 2015 goals) and physically write the answers in a notebook or journal.

  1. Which connections offered the most value to your life and how much did you increase your “real” connections in your CRM system?
  2. List your best client interactions and worst and ask the question why?   
  3. Health – did you stay physically and mentally fit?
  4. What were your top 3 largest mistakes and respective learning lessons from the year?
  5. Were you fiscally responsible in your financial situation – how did you do it differently than the previous year (or not)?


After the reflection time, clean the slate and move on to 2016.  Consider a new approach this year  - Write down just 4 major short term goals (less than 1 year) that will have significant impact on your life, businessfamily and health if you were able to achieve them in 12 months.     Simply just 4 GOALS that’s it.

One of the 4 goals should be an off the chart “RISKY” goal – A goal that will be hard to achieve and failure is a definite possibility (completed in 12 months).    The benefit of adding this audacious goal is to scare yourself a bit and being scared every so often can add a childlike excitement and makes the journey so much more memorable!

If you are not keeping a journal, I suggest writing the goals on a paper index card – laminate it, and keep the card in your pocket every day of the year.   Memorize the goals.  This simple technique works and keeps the focus throughout the year when you continuously reach into your pocket and “feel” the 4 goals.     Remember:  Keep things SIMPLE in 2016.    

Then write out briefly the action steps you need to take every week on the goals to make them happen and add to your calendar or project management system for consistent reminders.  

Over the last 8 years of consulting and coaching individuals with their respective goals, the biggest challenge for many is personal accountability.  It’s that basic and I am no different with my own goals.  For example, my goals “drag” a bit every summer for a host of reasons.   No excuses and it’s an area I continue to work on for personal growth every year.  

No matter how much I coach and drive clients for results, it all comes down to each individual holding himself or herself accountable.  It’s a partnership with a coach, each must have clear objectives and dual accountability.    This sounds so easy, but without a system in place to track it weekly, then a lack of focus creeps in and goals just get pushed to the following year. 

You can broadcast your goals all over the place –  online, through friends and family – it will help no question, but implementing a daily accountability system that is easy to use will have impactful results by the end of 2016.    There are so many tools online that offer project management/accountability with email reminders, etc. and I would highly recommend that if you want to push boundaries in 2016 implement a system that fits your needs.    Basecamp, Trello, Base, Zoho, and there are a host of others to consider.   

As we know resolutions never happen and in most cases they are just dreams without any concrete deadlines.   Goal momentum can dwindle as the year goes on because of distractions, lack of discipline and personal accountability.  We are all human and it happens.

It you need refills to your journals or a new journal check out our great partner of Chief Goals Officer – Innovative Journaling:

For 2016 just consider 4 goals, short-term deadlines and tracking it in a system.    

Enjoy the ride and have an exceptional year!

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