The Power of H2O

Posted on 20 December 2015

As athletes, moms, dads and driven focused personalities we often forget the benefits of daily water intake.  Yes, it’s repetition of a message we hear all the time “drink more water during the day and you will feel better.”

I love to experiment, test the placebo effect in many things in life.   I am sure you do as well.   The only way to learn if something will work is to test it.   Consider a two-week test and evaluate the specific benefits (or not) and adjust accordingly.


I continuously examine the water test and adjust it, depending on stress levels, racing, caffeine intake, traveling, etc.  Remember 60% of our body is made up of water and the “standard” recommendation is to drink 64oz. of water minimally per day.   What’s the magic behind 64 oz.?   It’s not the same for everyone and its important to test for yourself what level of water will allow you to feel and function the best.


Several of the health benefits of drinking water:

1.  Mandatory for rehydration from exercise – if dehydration occurs it can have significant impact on your respective athletic performance.

2.  Increased energy levels and improved brain functioning.  TIP:  Drink a minimum of 16 oz. of water as soon as you wake up.   The dehydration effects of sleep can be significant.

3.  Water will help with stress related headaches.

4.  Weight loss potentially, especially when drinking before, during and after meals. Also, when consuming alcohol, add water regularly which can help reduce hangovers.

5.  Kidney stones are a common occurrence from dehydration; water hydration can help reduce stones.


Water Test – try this over a 2-week time period:

1.  Week 1 – Drink 90-100 ounces of water every day and take a few notes on how you feel mentally and physically.   Do you feel sluggish, “heavy” feeling, sharpness mentally.

2. Reduced Water Week 2 – Drink 45 ounces of water per day or less – same process of taking notes of how you feel.

The key is to keep each week with similar amount of work stress, physical activity and sleep schedule.   Also consider evaluating the right balance of water based on sweat ratio, weather, activity level, also during non-workout times.

One thing for certain is that increasing water drinking thought the day will make your feel better!

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