Cycling Caps – For Bald and Non-Bald Cyclists

Posted on 20 January 2016

As you know, I am a bald guy and have had many sun dots over the years on my skull from riding my bike as the small vents and holes on the helmet allow sun to bake the uncovered areas. The challenges I have always experienced with wearing cycling caps (under a helmet) include;comfort (many hats are so tight and leave deep lines and head pain when wearing – even after measuring and sizing), soaking wet cotton misery, and wear and tear after washing.

During the 1970′s -80’s cotton cycling caps were very popular and many were manufactured in Italy.   At that time, wearing cycling helmets was not a requirement and especially in the Tour De France and throughout the world of cycling many people just wore caps vs. helmets.   As we know helmets are mandatory in most events and it’s very rare to see someone without wearing a helmet. Cycling caps when worn underneath the helmet serve a few purposes: the bill provides a sun shield when the sun drops lower in the spring and fall time-frames and sunglasses just don’t do the trick for severe glare along with, collecting sweat from dripping over the face, etc.


As trends change, many things come back in style (just look at fashion) and people are wearing cycling caps similar to what we wore in the 1980′s.

Wearing a cycling cap offers several bald people benefits:

1.  Skin cancer is very prevalent – when bald and wearing a helmet only the vents (holes) provide no sun protection and when finishing a long ride my head has a bunch of sunspots from the sun.   It looks ridiculous and of course with long riding could cause skin cancer no question.

2.  Being bald, or not you know how many times bees, insects, etc. fly into the vents of the cycling helmet and get stung.  This happens all the time to all riders.  The cap protects against it.

3.  Being bald and if the cyclist is a sweater the sweat just runs continuously as there is not hair to catch it!

I have evaluated many cap companies and my personal preference is performance wicking materials vs. 100% cotton, as I am a big sweater.   If you are in the market for a performance material cycling cap you might want to check out WaltzCaps (US based company).   They have many styles; performance fabrics and 100% wash durability.In addition to a great customer service team, they offer a highly durable cap.   My original Walz cap from the 2013 Triple DECA Ironman has been through everything and not a seam or wear issue on the cap and with over 20,000 miles!

Be safe and add some fashion with a cycling cap!

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