HIW and HIT Efforts – Intensity leads to Results

Posted on 03 March 2016

What can you do as an entrepreneur and/or an athlete for results in a shorter period of time? Practice a weekly discipline of High Intensity Work (HIW) and High Intensity Training (HIT).

The results of pushing hard in work and in training for short amounts of time will have impact in 3-4 weeks. When adding these intense sessions together (not every day as it can lead to burnout and injury) the amount of actual work completed and fitness gains can be dramatic. It’s important to track the results and I suggest keeping a simple log.


  1. Take the number one item from your daily task or project management system item (If you don’t use one – load one of the great low cost online tools onto your computer ASAP to ensure accountability tracking – Trello, Base, Basecamp, Zoho, etc. ) that will have the most impact on your business and intentionally focus on completion.
  2. Do not focus on anything else, absolutely no distractions and establish a specific time you want to have it completed (make sure it’s a realistic time frame).
  3.  The timeframe should be short for this intense effort of work. This could be as simple as crafting your message before speaking to an irate customer and rehearsing all the potentials before your call. Intensive preparation will lead to better conversations.
  4. If it’s a difficult task, expect it to be mentally exhausting.
  5. Repeat this 3 days a week and in 1-month compare the results of your business – the results will happen.




HIT training continues to receive positive feedback with respect to results from study after study of athletes. The biggest challenge for many endurance athletes is to simulate race pace conditions.  Yes this hurts big time! However, the results will come quickly with a regular weekly workout regime to include 2-3 HIT sessions.  As difficult as it is to push through the pain and required focus, they are mentally challenging. The efforts are in the 90-95% of maximum heart rate ranges – expect difficulty for sure.


Focus on weakness areas whatever sport you currently compete. Below is an example for a cycling HIT session:

Total time 1:00 – 1:15 – Long HIT Interval sessions

  1. Warm up 15 minutes, then complete 5 X15 second spin-ups and: 45 recovery after each spin-up
  2. Complete 2 sets of the following:
  3.  3 X 3 minutes at 90-95% of maximum HR or Power rating with a full 3 minute spinning recovery between each 3 minute interval. The “hurt locker” effect will occur the last minute of the interval. Push these hard.
  4. Take a full 5-minute recovery between both sets.
  5. Recovery for the remainder of the workout.

Monitor results over a 4-week time period of 2-3 HIT sessions per week. HIT training will increase efficiency of how the muscles use oxygen and will increase performance.

Consider adding a combination of HIW and HIT every week and business and fitness results will occur in shorter periods of time.

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