How To Increase Fat Burning with Intermittent Fasting – 12 Steps to Fasting

Posted on 09 January 2017

Do you remember watching the NBA in the 1990’s when the great Hakeem Olajuwon was fasting for Ramadan? He would just relax all day and focus on the game mindfully throughout the day. The most amazing thing is he would not take any liquids for 12 hours prior to the game and his statistics once the game started would go up rather than go down. He was depleted and dominant.

There are many studies centered around the health benefits of intermittent fasting, including the following benefits:

  •  Lower blood pressure
  •  Reduction in the risk of diabetes
  •  Rebooting the immune system
  •  Reducing cholesterol
  •  Increased fat burning

As with anything today, there are a multitude of specific protocols or recipes for the perfect intermittent fast. However, there are health risks with fasting that may include headaches, stress and dehydration and it should not be taken lightly if you consider resetting your body with a fast.


4 Research Results:

1.    A USC study by Dr. Valter Longo showed improvement in immunity

2.    Medical News Today in 2014 defined a one-day of the week; water only may lower the risk for diabetes.

3.    Mark Mattson, neuroscientist conducted research showing that fasting several days a week can help against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and improving memory and mood.

4.    A 2014 study on mice found that 48 hour fasting promoted stem-cell regeneration after damage from chemotherapy.

Personally, I have fasted multiple times a year (usually 1 time per quarter from 3-6 days maximum) just to reset the body from extensive business travel, issues with colon and normally test new options to the fast every year.   The first day is always the worst but after 2 or 3 days there is a “light” feeling and the mentally

The following protocol includes lessons from Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey, John Rowanello and Dominic D’Agostino along with my own tweaking:

12 Step Intermittent Fasting Protocol

1.    Try it one time a month

2.    Choose 2-3 days to start

3.    The day prior to your start, have an early slow carb dinner around 4 or 5PM

4.    The next morning, sleep in a bit longer (focus on 8-9 hours of sleep minimum) – let sleep do some of the work of the fast. (Do it over the weekend so it won’t affect work and added stress)

5.    Upon waking, take 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil or organic coconut oil and then every 3 ½ hours.

6.    The oils can be blended into high quality organic coffee or black tea.

7.    Then drink 1 liter of water with a dash of Himalayan sea salt.

8.    Drink water all day long – Significant amounts of water!

9.    Take a 3 minute cold shower and then take a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish (oil pulling) in your mouth for 5-7 minutes (helps with a host of mouth issues, gums, teeth, reduces inflation, whitens teeth, heals cracked lips

10. Walk outside for 30 minutes a day – slow pace (best in the morning)– no intense exercise, running, cycling, swimming.

11. Take a 30 minute nap during the day

12. After the fast (2 or 3 days) go with a lentil salad and steak or salmon.

You may experience some side effects and ABSOLUTELY consult with your physician before attempting any fasting protocol.

Happy Fasting!

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