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It’s All About The DECA Book and Upcoming Podcast - The Great Endurance Race

Posted on 20 January 2017

“Long-term results require long-term focus.  No emotion, No drama, No ego.”  Coach Sommer


It’s All About The DECA” will take the endurance athlete junkie through this EXTREME endurance race that receives very little (publicity) and embraced by those who have achieved this amazing test of human endurance. In the multitude of “checklists’: “Toughest Races”, “Most Extreme Endurance Races” and “World’s toughest endurance challenges”, the DECA is the hidden gem, grass roots core group of athletes who embrace the challenge. No major sponsors, no media make the race very different than the “norm”.




The DECA  - (The GREEK word meaning the number 10) – is the ultimate race testing the athlete’s mental and physical strength in the 3 specific triathlon disciplines. The race consists of 24 miles of swimming, 1,120 miles of biking and 262 miles of running (10 ultra distance triathlons.   The DECA is a race, not a self guided journey.


Wayne’s DECA description in 4 words that describes the event and the athlete mindset characteristics: 

D – Discipline

E  – Endurance

C – Consistency

A – Attitude


It’s All About The DECA will take the reader “underground” through a journey of everything about this unique race.  The common themes of finishers whose lives have changed (good and bad) because of this event.


With the thoughts and ideas of the “family” of seasoned and exceptional DECA finishers, It’s All About The DECA will provide guidance to the following:


  • Race History and statistics, world records of both formats (Classic DECA or continuous event and 1 x10 format) illustrating finish rates
  • How to guarantee a finish and how to guarantee a DNF (Do Not Finish) and why specifically do athletes fail or finish
  • Injuries/Sickness – techniques for prevention and cures
  • Training plans (both formats) Classic and 1×10 DECA’s – out of the box approaches to finish this grueling event
  • Training plans are adjusted for the time management skills of juggling daily life of work and family
  • Checklists of what to take to the race
  • Budget analysis, music playlists,
  • Crewing Tips –Super Crew Stories
  • Wayne ‘s and other’s classic stories from behind the scenes while racing, including plenty of mistakes and learning lessons
  • Getting into the head of the DECA finisher – 17 exceptional DECA athletes interviewed with specific ideas, tips and recommendations
  • What’s in your head – probably not much if you are considering this race!
  • Mental Race strategies and learning to do hundreds and hundreds of laps while crossing the finish line again and again and not stopping.
  • Typical course designs
  • Embracing Suffering and Fun – yes simultaneously
  • Nutrition – Typical diets, race nutrition
  • The DECA Finish Line – No other race like it has the uniqueness of the “stop and wait” athlete mentality when and athlete finishes.

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