The Best One Minute Exercise With No Equipment

Posted on 27 January 2017

So many questions about what’s the best exercise to perform on the go, having a very limited time, that will use multitude of muscles in a specific movement. There are many to pick from but clearly, the BURPEE must be at the top of the list.

With the multitude of versions of the burpees, they all provide one key benefit:  they work the entire body.   When doing burpees, the calorie burn rate is quite high and you only need 1 minute with high intensity for an effective workout.


Burpees will build strength and crossover benefits in daily activities of lifting items from luggage on a flight to lifting heavy things around the home. The burpee reps will work your arms, quads/hamstrings, core and gluts.

Do one set for 1 minute with no stopping and you will feel the fatigue in your legs and arms very quickly. There is a feeling like a brick workout (biking followed by running) and dead legs. The cardio benefits are significant, as you will be breathing through the roof after just one minute – guaranteed.


You may consider adding burpees to your morning routine just for a change and like every other pushup, pull-up or abs daily exercise; burpees may be another alternative to overall body conditioning. Consider a daily 100 burpee challenge, and test yourself and through gradual progression you will see significant strength benefits.


Tabata with Burpees:

  • 20 seconds of Burpee’s all out effort as fast as possible
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • Repeat 8 times.


This short but highly effective interval approach to burpees will definitely get you breathing. Of course there are many variations of workouts but just adding a routine of burpees will provide crossover benefits to all endurance sports activities.

Incorporate burpees and watch your power, and speed on the bike or run increase by just adding in a regular routine of Burpees to your training plan!

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