About Endurance Racing Report (ERR)

Endurance Racing Report was created to spotlight endurance sports races throughout the world and supplement the comprehensive “one stop shop” endurance race directory and athlete review resource: RaceTwitch.com. Regardless of the race you are training for: running, triathlon, cycling, cross country ski, kayak/canoe race, adventure race, etc. there are many questions that need to be answered in the evaluation process.   As endurance athletes we all have the questions:

“What do I get for the entry fee – medal, goodie bag, shirt, etc.”, “Is it a destination that I want to bring the family?”   “Is there something for my kids to do so they don’t drive my spouse crazy if it’s a multiple hour event”, “What types of workouts should I add to my training based upon the course profile”, “Are there enough porta potties for example at the beginning of the specific marathon”   “What airport should I fly into?”, “I wish I had a total budget on what the cost will be for everything for this destination race”, “Where can I find a “low-key” event based upon a specific date and location”

ERR will provide valuable information so you can make informed decisions about endurance races video’s and interview’s from athlete’s experiences along with race director perspectives.

QUESTIONS: “Where do I get information about multiple discipline endurance races throughout the world in one calendar/athlete review resource to eliminate reviewing multiple race calendar websites per sport/region and eliminate the endless Google searches?”

The combination of the Endurance Racing Report and RaceTwitch.com will help endurance athletes build exceptional race calendars.

ERR was founded by Wayne Kurtz – a passionate endurance athlete for the past 25 years. The ERR will provide insights to specific races that are included in  RaceTwitch.com – the  premier comprehensive endurance race calendar, athlete review and recommended races resource database.  My goal is to provide valuable race specific information for all endurance athletes so they are well informed while selecting various endurance sports races.

Find and review a race and let everyone know that “I heard about it through ERR and RaceTwitch.com!”