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It’s All About The DECA Book and Upcoming Podcast - The Great Endurance Race

Posted on 20 January 2017

Tweet “Long-term results require long-term focus.  No emotion, No drama, No ego.”  Coach Sommer “It’s All About The DECA” will take the endurance athlete junkie through this EXTREME endurance race that receives very little (publicity) and embraced by those who have achieved this amazing test of human endurance. In the multitude of “checklists’: “Toughest Races”, [Read the Rest...]

HIW and HIT Efforts – Intensity leads to Results

Posted on 03 March 2016

Tweet What can you do as an entrepreneur and/or an athlete for results in a shorter period of time? Practice a weekly discipline of High Intensity Work (HIW) and High Intensity Training (HIT). The results of pushing hard in work and in training for short amounts of time will have impact in 3-4 weeks. When [Read the Rest...]

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Life and Re-Tooling Your Race Calendar

Posted on 04 February 2015

Tweet How many times over the years have you had to cancel races either months before the event or a few days because of all the various factors of “life” that just seem to happen at the worst times. The normal things such as, sickness, family/friend deaths, plane delays, financial/work issues, travel schedules, injuries, lack [Read the Rest...]

Reading for endurance racing 2015

Posted on 11 December 2014

Tweet What are the 10 Books you consider reading as you go in the 2015?   Happy reading!

10 Books to Consider For Your Endurance Athlete’s Christmas List

Posted on 09 December 2014

Tweet How much do you read per year (deep dive reading mentality) in your specific sport disciplines?   As the famous Outliers book quoted years ago the “10,000 hours rule” to become an expert in the specific area – reading and learning are part of the “experience” process. Working with so many athletes year after year [Read the Rest...]

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Go Against the Norm In Your Training

Posted on 04 November 2014

Tweet It seems every day, week and year there is a new guaranteed success training program for your fastest marathon, Ironman training program, ulramarathon, etc. Books come out continuously with the newest technology tools and programs with tag lines such as “Finish your Ironman on training of only 7 hours a week”. Evaluate all the [Read the Rest...]

Top 7 Tips on Getting Sponsors for your Racing Passion

Posted on 25 July 2014

Tweet Would it not be nice to have an established process in place to get sponsors to help support your racing passion? I hear these questions so often. The most important thing to consider when beginning the process to secure sponsors is to develop a comprehensive plan with a timeline. As athlete’s it’s imperative to [Read the Rest...]

Your Training Idea Vault

Posted on 19 December 2013

Tweet   How many times during a workout or post race evaluation do you think of a new idea to incorporate into future events, business, life, etc? Ideas come and go very quickly and the key is to capture them in one place.  Consider capturing ideas, race strategies, business opportunities and storing them in any [Read the Rest...]

80/20 Formulas for Brilliant Racing

Posted on 29 November 2013

Tweet We have all heard the term 80/20.  For those of you in sales or business owners know that in many cases 80% of your sales or revenue are from 20% of your clients or prospects.   This 80/20 strategy is applicable in all aspects of your life and absolutely for endurance racing. If you examine [Read the Rest...]

Triple DECA and Rhodes Marathon 2014

Posted on 05 September 2013

Tweet Best wishes for everyone that’s racing over the next months. I will be participating the Triple Deca Ironman in Italy, representing my country, USA along with other great Americans. You can get more updates about Triple Deca Ironman Race by visiting this website, or your can check out my Facebook page and Twitter account [Read the Rest...]