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High 5 Athlete Katalin Gémes

Posted on 10 February 2011

Tweet Each week we highlight a specific endurance sports athlete and profile their background, specific race performances and offer insight on training and sport discipline expertise. This week’s high 5 athlete is RaceTwitch Pro Team member Katalin Gémes Profile: Functional training based on Pilates-method, yoga, body art, Berczik-method, weight training and cross training. Coaching for [Read the Rest...]

Beyond The Iron – A Training Guide for Ultra-Distance Triathlons The Journey

Posted on 21 January 2011

Tweet Well the time has finally come after many months of planning, editing and working with my publisher to fully understand the process.   As I reflect on the overall experience, just like getting ready for a key race, business meeting or special long term goal – the journey was the most important part! Just [Read the Rest...]

Holiday Workouts

Posted on 27 December 2010

Tweet There’s nothing like running through the holiday season and reflecting on the year while dreaming/visioning a great racing season for 2011.  For many of us, it’s a bit sluggish at this time of the year for these few weeks because of all the running around seeing friends/family and not eating the best calories.  It’s [Read the Rest...]

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It’s that time of the year again – Top 10 fitness scenes

Posted on 22 December 2010

Tweet As we approach these crazy weeks of the holiday season leading up to New Years Day we can all prepare ourselves again to see the classic annual rituals of so many individuals who decide it’s time to focus on getting in shape. It’s always amazing to see it year after year.  There are so [Read the Rest...]

A simple exercise for strong feet:

Posted on 30 November 2010

Tweet A guest post by ProTeam member Kata Gémes To lower the overload of the ankle, knee and hip while you run you should improve the strength of the leg muscles.  The leg muscles are responsible for stabilizing the position of the ankle and the sole. In the landing phase these muscles can decrease the shock [Read the Rest...]

Deca Iron Triathlon Race Summary

Posted on 29 November 2010

Tweet This year’s format for the Deca Iron triathlon Championships in Monterrey, Mexico were with the continuous format vs. last year’s 1 Ironman per day format.   The race entailed a 24 mile swim (50 meter indoor pool at the University), 1120 mile bike and 262 mile run.   Also, for only the second time, [Read the Rest...]

A useful yoga ashana for your back and spine

Posted on 05 November 2010

Tweet The cobra pose is a favorite yoga ashana, useful to strengthen and mobilize the back. It is useful for anyone with weak or stiff back muscles.  Cyclists who spend hours in forward should especially use the inverse back exercises to compensate for the strain of the back muscles. It is important to do this [Read the Rest...]


High 5 Thursday with George Reeves

Posted on 28 October 2010

Tweet Today is another RaceTwitch (RT) High 5 Thursday where we highlight a specific endurance sports athlete and profile their background, specifically their race performances and offer insights on training ideas and specific dicipline expertise. This week’s High 5 Featured athlete is George Reeves who recently placed 2nd Overall in the Delaware 100 Mile Run! RT: [Read the Rest...]

Use Your imagination and run barefoot!

Posted on 26 October 2010

Tweet Another great training post by Pro-Team member Kata Grimes  The human body is biomechanically constructed for barefoot running.  The structure of the leg can absorb the shock of landing very efficiently and transform it to kinetic energy. However, if you do not practice barefoot or minimal shoe running from your childhood then your body [Read the Rest...]

Meet RaceTwitch Pro-Team member Cheryl Zwarkowski

Posted on 29 September 2010

Tweet The world of endurance began for me in January of 2005 when I did my first 50K; I was 46 years old at the time…. To explain—I started training in 2000; I was 42 years old.  I began with a Personal Trainer at the gym and began walking and then began very short runs [Read the Rest...]