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Trans AM Bike Race 2016 – Summary

Posted on 02 September 2016

Tweet Trans AM Bike Race 2016 is an extreme bike race that I will never forget. A total of 4400 miles covering 10 states: Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois Kentucky Virginia Watch the video…  

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Finale – Trans Am Bike Race 2016

Posted on 06 July 2016

Tweet Trans AM journey seems like it will never end but we are now close! Gonna finish the race in a day. I just want to say thanks to everyone across the board! Watch the video for my full message.  

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2016 – Fearless Exploration and Accountability Goals

Posted on 30 December 2015

Tweet We all know it’s that time of the year as everyone is talking about 2016 and new goals, challenges, etc.    Consider spending some time over the next few days to examine what went according to plan and what did not.    Looking back at the year, examine these 5 points (or your 2015 [Read the Rest...]

Endurance Racing/Lifestyle – Financial Budgeting Top 15 Expenses

Posted on 01 December 2015

Tweet As 2015 comes to close, have you considered what you actually spent on endurance sports this year?   Many individuals suggest, “I would much rather spend all the money on a passion that is healthy than sitting in the bar all daylong or other bad habits” but have you actually done a recap of what [Read the Rest...]

Reflections and Lifetime Memories of the 2015 Oregon Double Anvil

Posted on 28 July 2015

Tweet Over the years, I have not been the best at writing race reports for all the various events. However, based on the overwhelming experience competing at the Oregon Double Anvil, I thought it might be a good time to provide some highlights for those considering doing an over the top, tough, slow, hilly and [Read the Rest...]


10 Books to Consider For Your Endurance Athlete’s Christmas List

Posted on 09 December 2014

Tweet How much do you read per year (deep dive reading mentality) in your specific sport disciplines?   As the famous Outliers book quoted years ago the “10,000 hours rule” to become an expert in the specific area – reading and learning are part of the “experience” process. Working with so many athletes year after year [Read the Rest...]

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Remembering That First Run

Posted on 09 June 2014

Tweet The years and miles seem to just drift by year after year in the runner’s career.   Have you reflected back on your very first official run? It’s a reminder of how far we have come and all the running life experiences since that first day lacing up the running shoes. For me, it was [Read the Rest...]

Jet Lag – Top 10 Elimination Tips for Athletes

Posted on 04 April 2014

Tweet For those of you that travel long distances (via planes) for work, vacations or races, jet lag can become a significant factor until the body acclimates to new time zones.   Over all the years of traveling and trying many different methods to reduce the exhaustive affects of traveling, below is my list of top [Read the Rest...]

The Triathlon Lifestyle

Posted on 23 March 2014

Tweet We all train and race for so many different reasons in our now mature sport of triathlons. I think most would agree that the greatest memories of a triathlon event beyond personal performance would be the great friends and new acquaintances that last well beyond the race. Yes we might remember the negative split [Read the Rest...]

Your Training Idea Vault

Posted on 19 December 2013

Tweet   How many times during a workout or post race evaluation do you think of a new idea to incorporate into future events, business, life, etc? Ideas come and go very quickly and the key is to capture them in one place.  Consider capturing ideas, race strategies, business opportunities and storing them in any [Read the Rest...]