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Trans AM Bike Race 2016 – Summary

Posted on 02 September 2016

Tweet Trans AM Bike Race 2016 is an extreme bike race that I will never forget. A total of 4400 miles covering 10 states: Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois Kentucky Virginia Watch the video…  

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Post Trans AM Bike Race – My First Love Will Always Be Triathlons

Posted on 27 July 2016

Tweet After finishing the Trans Am Bike Race earlier this month, it reminded me why I will always love triathlons as my favorite endurance sport. The Trans Am Bike Race was definitely an amazing event and lifetime experience. However, I clearly missed trail running and swimming and thought about it so many times during the [Read the Rest...]

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Finale – Trans Am Bike Race 2016

Posted on 06 July 2016

Tweet Trans AM journey seems like it will never end but we are now close! Gonna finish the race in a day. I just want to say thanks to everyone across the board! Watch the video for my full message.  

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Highlights of an Amazing Journey on the Underground Railroad Trail

Posted on 19 May 2016

Tweet If you are looking for something unique and different in this world of endurance training, consider a long distance multi day bike-packing trip. As a cyclist for over 30 years, this self- journey experience was exceptional and was very helpful with respect to the uniqueness of self-supported long distance racing and no aid stations [Read the Rest...]

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Eating Options During an Endurance Race

Posted on 19 February 2012

Tweet What’s your favorite food during an endurance race. The various calories and foods are all over the place during an endurance event such as a triathlon, running, cycling, long distance swim, and adventure races. As the race distances increase over more than 24 hours, for most it becomes difficult to eat the same items [Read the Rest...]

Top 6 Long Distance Racing Nuisances

Posted on 29 July 2011

There are many muscle pains and fatigue that occur with long multi-day distance endurance races; however be aware and prepare yourself for the various minor nuisances that can be a nagging pain throughout the event.

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Top 10 Reasons To Run on Trails

Posted on 29 March 2011

Tweet   As trail running continues to grow and become extremely popular after all the recent press, race growth and injury prevention articles it still shocks me how many runners won’t consider running on trails.  I hear all the time “because it’s “slower” than roads”.   Yes, you may run a bit slower by not [Read the Rest...]

Davis 12/24 Hour Challenge – UltraCycling

Posted on 10 April 2010

Tweet Race Review: and commentary by Pro-Team member and ultracyclist - Leslie Holton Web site: The Davis 24 hour race (with a 12 hour option) starts in Winters, CA near Davis. This race is a good early spring challenge which starts with a 163 miles day loop with over 8000 feet of climbing, and then turns [Read the Rest...]