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RaceTwitch Iphone Application

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Well after much planning and design we now have the new RaceTwitch Iphone application in iTtunes ready for downloading for those of you who have iPhones!

The goal of the iPhone application was to allow athletes to search for endurance races in our large worldwide RaceTwitch.com database. This will come in handy when your spouse is forcing you to attend a wedding, family function, etc. that your not to thrilled to attend!

Grab your iPhone while in the car (not while driving please!) or at the airport and search for a race within a specific distance of your family event and your all set to race!  You can now search wherever you are and you don’t need your computer.

This is the first version and will be enhanced with additional functionality in the future.  Go to Itunes today and search for Racetwitch and download the App today!

Of course, please send comments, idea’s to info@racetwitch.com