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Race Review: Hell Hath No Hurry

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June 23, 2012 is the 4th Annual “Hell Hath No Hurry” Trail Challenge! This low key event is aimed towards those who like to go into the woods and see what they are made of. The event takes place in Settler’s Cabin Park near the Pittsburgh International Airport, where you can expect temperatures that will range from comfortably to hot and humid.

2012 will be setup a little differently than your normal race.  There are three events going on at the same time at Hell Hath No Hurry 2012.

The one mile stroll is setup to give anyone coming to the event something to do. It is a loop that is close to 1 mile in length of rolling trail and a small portion of road. It’s not timed, but it is marked.

There is a 25K trail run that does not stop with the completion of the distance.  Rather, the distance is the minimum distance needed to be completed under the four hour cut off to be honored as an official finisher.

The true winner of the event will be the person putting in the most number of miles in the 4 hour time limit.  The trail will be a roughly 5 mile loop.  Terrain will primarily be single track trail with a small portion of road. There will be hills, mud, vegetation, and/or other obstacles. It will be well marked, but it is up to each racer to navigate his/her own way.

The main event is a 50K trail run that does not stop with the completion of the 50K distance.  Rather, the race is not over until the eight hours of time has expired.  The 50K distance is simply the minimum distance needed to be completed to be honored as an official finisher.

The actual winner of the race is the participant that runs the most number of miles in eight hours.  The event will have racers complete a 5-ish mile loop of single track trails 6 times before switching to a 1 mile trail loop to complete the 50K distance.  At that point it will be up to the runner to decide if they want to run 5 mile or 1 mile loops for the remainder of the event.

The final mileage is based upon laps completed within 8 hours. Therefore, any entrant still on the course when the eight hours arecomplete will not receive official credit for his/her final lap.  Terrain will be indentical to the course in the 25k / 4 hour endurance event.

In order to qualify for the hand made finishers award participants must complete a minimum of 25k. For the 50k / 8 Hour event, the rules will be exactly the same except participants will have eight hours to get their miles in. The actual winners of each event will be the participant which completes the most number of miles in the given time.

For more information on this event, contact Peter Kozlowski by email at Peter_Kozlowski@fastmail.fm or visit www.hellhathnohurry.org.


Race Review: San Luis Obispo Marathon

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On April 22, 2012, the Inaugural San Luis Obispo Marathon and Half Marathon runs through the quaint college town of SLO, out into the vineyards of the Edna Valley and ends at the iconic Madonna Inn where the SLO Life Expo will be in full swing. The weather is great for running, in the high 60′s to low 70′s on average.

Race Director Samantha Pruitt is a certified Race Director and an experienced endurance athlete. Samantha’s next race is the IronMan Arizona in November 2011.

The Marathon and Half Marathon courses are loop courses. The 5K race is an out and back course. All courses are closed and will be clearly marked with course marshals on course. There will be plenty of clean, sanitary bathrooms at the Start and Finish lines as well as every aid station on the course. Cell coverage is available on course and a photographer will cover at key areas of the race. Water and sports drink will be available at Start and Finish, as well as on course. Coffee will be available at the Finish Line Expo.

Aid Stations will be positioned every 2 to 3 miles on the course. There will be sport drink, water and at Mile 9, there will be a Goo product.

The San Luis Obispo Marathon is a Team In Training event, with five California Chapters participating. The Marathon is also offering local training. The course has rolling hills and athletes should train on hills when possible. First-timers should do some hill training to feel comfortable with the course.

For those traveling to the event, there is a local airport and Amtrak station in San Luis Obispo. There are plentiful hotels near the race start line on Monterey Street and around San Luis Obispo.  There are great beaches and a Children’s Museum, to enjoy with the family!

The Marathon costs $110, the Half Marathon is $85 and the 5K is $35. Each athlete receives a recycled tech t-shirt and recovery food at the finish. Finishers will receive a medal. Each athlete will receive a free shuttle pass to get to the Start line and then back to their cars parked in outer parking lots.

Yes, the SLO Life Expo will feature the best of the San Luis Obispo lifestyle, with fresh food products, wines from our wine country, local beer, the outdoor lifestyle and live music. The Expo begins on Friday and runs through race day. The event has pledged to be “green” making the Athletes For A Fit Planet sustainability pledge.

The athlete will love the beautiful course, weather, race amenities and the Expo. It provides a great destination package where athletes will come to run and stay to play!

For More Information contact Heather Hellman, Event Director at No1spud@gmail.com or visit www.SLOMarathon.com