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Running While Traveling For Business

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As passionate runners we all face the constant daily lifetime constraints during busy times to get in the run for the day.   If you travel for business as I do, it’s important to experience some adventures and new journeys while “fitting in the daily run”.

After traveling for business around the world for the past 20 years, I have learned a few items that you might find valuable when traveling on business.  Of course with a focus on the daily run.   Below are 3 items to consider:

  1. Convention/Trade Show/Conference – The biggest hurdle is time and what time is best get in the run.   As you are probably aware, conferences can be extremely busy from all aspects of meeting as many people as possible and they are normally all day affairs.  Breakfast at 6 or 7AM and then can go well into the evening.  Yes, they can be exhausting.  Recommendation:  Always have a headlamp in your suitcase depending upon the time zones, etc. so darkness is not an opportunity to bail out of the run.  In many cases, the run might start at 4AM or after the event ends for the evening.  Yes, try running at 11PM just to change up the routine (of course be safe as the number one priority – worst case jump on the “Dread mill”) and grab a partner from the conference.   You may be full from dinner, but hold back on the alcohol and you will be fine.  Yes, using the hotel fitness center is an option, but why not go outside and explore the new surroundings.  That’s where the best experiences are, normally not on the dread mill in the fitness facility.
  2. Airplanes and Jet Lag – The best thing to do no matter how tired you are from a long flight is to run as soon as you check into your hotel.  Always arrive a day prior to the meeting, which makes it easier and reduces stress.  Don’t wait till the next day as the impact on your mental and physical state will increase dramatically after 15-20 minutes of tiredness
  3. Always include a Power Yoga/ core, P90X, Insanity DVD (or if you have a body weight focused strength workout bring it along) in your luggage.   Pretty easy in most cases to be able to get a workout for 30 minutes in your hotel room.
  4. If safety is an issue where you’re traveling: run the stairs at the hotel and for an outside workout (yes can be boring) run around the parking area surrounding your hotel.  Think creatively and don’t focus on having your GPS unit to determine distance, calories, heart rate, etc.   Just go out and run!
  5. Even if your travel consists of an out and back in 1 day, always pack running shoes, workout clothing even though you are not planning on doing an overnight.   You never know with weather, etc. that you might get stuck and not able to get home.  I have learned this lesson too many times.  Always carry your workout items in a bag.

Traveling on business can be exhausting, but don’t get discouraged and you can definitely include your normal workouts while traveling.  With a little planning you won’t drop any fitness levels!  Travel Safely.

Top 10 Reasons to Host a Fun Run

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It’s that time of the year again, the 3rd annual Greek Trail Runs that we host from our house tomorrow morning at 5AM. It’s continued to evolve just like any race with plenty of fun additions.

Have you considered hosting a fun run (any distance)? If not, it’s a great way to get together a bunch of passionate runners to enjoy and of course race (always fun to keep it a bit competitive) for some unique prizes. Personally living in a great park with access to 30+ miles at the end of our driveway is perfect for hosting an event. It’s easy for us; the aid station is in the front yard so no problems shuttling in water, etc. to various aid stations.

It’s not that difficult to organize and host a fun run especially if you can plan a loop course and have one aid station or make it all self supported.

Here are my top 10 Reasons to Host a Fun Run

  1. Don’t need any permits, licenses, fees to runners
  2. No ego’s allowed – just pure fun
  3. Our prizes are of course Greek pastries to the fasted runners covering the most distance.
  4. A great way to get everyone out for some exercise, no matter what age.
  5. Meet new runners in your area that you never met before that live within a few miles of your house!
  6. Of course a huge food picnic at the end of the event.
  7. Personal satisfaction of giving back to the sport that I have loved for the past 26 years.
  8. Recruitment of future younger runners to keep the sport alive (especially ultra runners)
  9. Great way to spend a Sat. in the summer to get everyone ready for their key fall races.
  10. Of course it’s so much easier to run 6 or 12 hours with a big group vs. running alone.

Consider hosting a Fun Run in your area, it’s personally rewarding, no question!



3rd Annual Greek Trail Run

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It’s that time of the year again, the annual Greek Trail Run throughout the trails of North Park (Wexford, PA).

This year we will not only offer the 6 hour version, but have added a 12 hour version.   The run is purely focussed on fun and of course the big food bash at the end of the race is always a highlight.   My “Greek wife and queen” Jan will be preparing all the food and several Greek dishes for our prizes to the winners.


Date: Aug. 27th
Starting Time: 12 Hour Runners 5AM    6 Hour Runners 11AM
Greek Awards Ceremony for winners: Total time 7 1/2 minutes! (following 12 hour race)
Food Fest: 5PM
Course: 4 mile single track trails – North Park (Wexford, PA) (loop course)
Directions: email me at wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com
Cost: Only a donation to cover some of the food expense
Aid Station: Large aid station at the 4 mile point (located at the house)
What can you expect: A ton of fun, lots of food, great ultrarunning friends, rocks, roots, and plenty of heat!



Run Scream Run Race Review

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The first annual Run Scream Run 10K, 5K, 1M  will be held Saturday October 22 at Wiard’s Orchard in Ypsilanti, MI  Complete details can be found at http://www.runscreamrun.com. Randy Step is the founder of this race as well as ‘twenty-some’ others put on by Step’s company Running Fit.  Randy has been an endurance athlete for decades.

The 5 & 10K start at 8:30AM, the Kids’ 1M at 10:15 AM  Average temperatures in the area for Oct see lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s.

Run Scream Run will be beautiful, fun, holiday oriented course/event perfect for all ages, that should attract runners from all over!  A race, thrill park, county fair and the colors of MI in the fall – what more could you ask for?! This race is definitely a family friendly event!  Kids 1 mile and Wiard’s attractions include their Orchard, Haunted Thrill Park, County Fair and more…

Please visit http://www.runscreamrun.com/ for deadlines and pricing information.  All race participants receive a t-shirt (and kid milers earn a finishers medal) and valuable discounts for Wiard’s Haunted Thrill Park – voted #1 horror attraction in MI, and County Fair.  Food, awards, costume competitions and more will also be available to all athletes.

Packet pick up and late registration will be held on Friday October 21 (in addition to Saturday Oct 22) – stick around and enjoy Ward’s Haunted Thrill Park and County Fair!

The race venue is merely 20 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport, http://www.metroairport.com. With plenty of hotels around.

The race will start and finish in the same area and has plenty of bathroom facilities. Race terrain has some hills and a bit of gravel, but this will generally be a fast, flat course mostly run on new asphalt roads and bike paths within Rolling Hills County Park. With plenty of aid stations as well.

Great race for a first timer! Lots of fun in tune with the holiday!  Dress in costume and make your first race that much more memorable!